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Select Airparts is one of the largest independent Beechcraft, Hawker and Raytheon parts distributors in the world. Our specialty is supplying quality OEM and PMA parts for the both the Hawker family of business jets and the complete Beechcraft line. This includes the Hawker 400, 600, 700, 800 and 1000 as well as the Beechcraft family of twin-engine corporate and executive aircraft, including the King Air (all models 90 through 350), Queen Air, Beech 99, Beech 1900, Baron, Bonanza, Duke and the Premier.

ATT: GA Aircraft Owners ......Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Station Software

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Station Software

Cloud or Server Based Modular Software Suite 

AvPro Software is a powerful software suite including aviation inventory database software and so much more. . .
Its unique modular design that allows users to select stand-alone maintenance functions or have any of them integrated in a single application, as needed.

Designed with the capability to work with Repair Stations on Customer Work Orders / Task Cards using bar codes with 'serialized'  inventory or with Corporate Fleets to maintain all Component / Inspection Maintenance & Event Forecasts.

Choose the configuration of operations modules and the delivery methodology (Cloud or Server) that best suits your business.

Contact us for a demo of our $995 LITE version: A Component Maintenance Management application for owners of (1 -2 ) Air Frames

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Wicks Now Offering 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing

4130 Chrome Moly Tubing

4130 Chrome Moly Tubing from Wicks Aircraft is a through-hardening, chrominum-molybdenum alloy tubing used extensively in the aircraft, and anywhere light strong structural tubing is needed. It is resistant to oxidation and scaling and has smooth, clean interior and exterior surfaces. 4130 is produced by the cold drawn seamless process from electric-furnace processed steel.

For your home built and experimental aircraft needs, the weldability of 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing from Wicks Aircraft is excellent and therefore it finds popular utilization in aircraft type construction where welding is a requirement.

The specifications from 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing from Wicks Aircraft include MIL-T-6736, AMS -6360 Revision (Magnaflux Quality) UNS G41330. 4130 "seamless" tubing (MIL-T-6736) is interchangeable with 4130 "welded" tubing (MIL-T-6731). 

We stock both Chinese and American/German. Need an American/German size that is not listed, please give us a call.

To learn more about 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing from Wicks Aircraft and to shop our online catalog, please click on this link.

Sebring Expo Announces

2015 Premier Partners

The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo is delighted to welcome two new and nine returning Premier Partners to the 11th annual Expo, set for January 14-17, 2015.
Sebring Expo            Dynon Avionics and Sonex Aircraft LLC have signed on as Premier Partners for the first time in 2015, joining returning partners American Legend, Arion Aircraft, Arising Custom Aircraft Trailers, CubCrafters, Inc., Czech Sport Aircraft, Hansen Air Group, Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, Lockwood Aviation, and MATCO Mfg.

            Jana Filip, director of the Expo, called the Premier Partners “important members of the team that makes Expo successful.” She added, “We greatly appreciate the continuing support from our Sponsors and Partners. Without those exhibitors who provide extended support, we would not be able to continue to improve our infrastructure for our exhibitors and visitors.”

            Jeremy Monnett, president of Sonex, stated, “Sonex is pleased to be exhibiting at Sebring again this year. We believe in the Expo’s future as something that is worth an investment from our industry for our mutual success. The Expo’s growth has been conscientiously managed to keep the event focused as a sales-oriented trade show for light-sport aircraft owner/operators, and that’s what makes the event stand apart from the rest.”

            More than 150 exhibitors participated in the 2014 Sebring Expo, and Filip is prepared to accommodate a slightly increased number of exhibitors in 2015, with the event expanding to include light-sport aircraft, homebuilts, refurbished certificated aircraft, and ultralights…and all related component and accessory suppliers. Filip is finalizing exhibitor requests now, including positioning of this year’s indoor exhibitors, which will be housed in a large temporary tent structure. Complete exhibitor information is available at www.sportaviationexpo.com/exhibitor-information.

           More than 18,000 visitors from throughout the United States and several foreign countries attended Expo in 2014 and enjoyed the educational forums, workshops, keynote speakers, and demonstration flights both at the Expo and at the Seaplane Splash-In. New this year will be an Aircraft Sales Lot. More details about the Sales Lot will be released soon for potential buyers and sellers.         
          For more information about the Expo, including discounted online admission tickets through November 1, visit www.sportaviationexpo.com.

Preferred Airparts Owner Helps Evacuate Charity's Volunteers

Preferred Airparts

One of Preferred Airparts owners, Brian Stoltzfus, flies a turbine DC-3 as part of his work with the charity Samaritan's Purse, an international relief agency based in Boone, N.C. Recently, he has been involved in supporting SP’s team in their work in Liberia, Africa. One of their volunteers, Dr. Kent Brantly contracted Ebola and was flown back to the United States to receive experimental, lifesaving treatment. Brantly was airlifted inside an airtight plastic pod to a Georgia military base and then by ground ambulance to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, according to an NBC report.

He has since recovered and Dr. Brantly stated upon being released from the hospital: “Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. As a medical missionary, I never imagined myself in this position. When my family and I moved to Liberia last October to begin a two-year term working with Samaritan’s Purse, Ebola was not on the radar. We moved to Liberia because God called us to serve the people of Liberia.

“I did not know then, but I have learned since, that there were thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world praying for me throughout that week, and even still today. And I have heard story after story of how this situation has impacted the lives of individuals around the globe - both among my friends and family, and also among complete strangers. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your support. But what I can tell you is that I serve a faithful God who answers prayers.

“Through the care of the Samaritan’s Purse and SIM missionary team in Liberia, the use of an experimental drug, and the expertise and resources of the health care team at Emory University Hospital, God saved my life - a direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers.”

Thank you to Joyce Rondos from Airboating Magazine for publishing this article!


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PLACARDS PLUSTM  was established in 2004 to design F. A. A. accepted

graphic overlays

for instrument and control panels on non-transport (private) aircraft.

PLUS, these overlays are made to cover worn panels and to make

operating cards and

touch panels for many land/marine vehicles, machinery, and training

devices, even in oily or outdoor environments.

I design  durable  custom placards that make control panels

easier to read, day and night. 

Used as "peel and stick" overlays, they are an alternative to

costly panel replacement. 

They can make an old aircraft much safer to fly.  

They can increase resale value. 

Wing fuel decals that withstand the sun, wind, water and fuel! 

Send me an email for pricing.

Compass correction cards: complete computer printed cards made to order.

UV protected. 

E-mail your STEER numbers, date, name of calibrator, the card format and

dimensions in millimeters. 

$20 for 12 mil paper cards, $30 for vinyl with an adhesive back. 

Normally "Next Day" printing for vinyl.

Please browse the page links above and look at some photos of previous work

on the Samples page. 

When you browse, you should find a bonus on this website.


CopperState Flyin

Load Control Duties


The purpose of load control is granting a safe operation of every flight in respect to the weight and balance of the aircraft. We must make sure that any dangerous goods and/or miscellaneous special loads are loaded according to regulations. By correct loading of baggage, we ensure that passenger baggage is delivered on time after arrival and the transfer of baggage connecting to other flights is granted. Load control can be performed manually or on a EDP system. Every load controller must be able to issue manual documents in case of system failure. Below you find the purpose of the documents which have to be issued for every flight.


The purpose of the pre-calculation is:

- Calculation of the estimated volume and weight needed for loading the baggage and mail.
- Best economical offer to the cargo department about weight and volume available for cargo.
- Calculation of the estimated weight of the aircraft. The dispatcher or commander needs this information to calculate the amount of fuel needed for a flight.
- According to these calculation we can get prepared for eventual considerations to be taken in case of weight or volume problems we might encounter.

The pre-calculation is mandatory in case of manual load sheet, if the load sheet is calculated on an EDP system, it is optional.

Loading Instruction

The purpose of the loading instruction is to distribute the planned load for a flight making sure:

- The aircraft will be loaded according to our instructions.
- The centre of gravity will be within given limits.
- Tail tipping of the aircraft is avoided.
- Dangerous goods and miscellaneous special loads are loaded according to instructions.
- The load is loaded and offloaded in the correct priority sequence.

Load Sheet

The purpose of the load sheet is:

- Weight calculation of the actual load on an aircraft, making sure structural and operational aircraft weight limits are not exceeded.
- Centre of gravity calculation of an aircraft, making sure the balance of the aircraft is within given limits.
- Information to the crew about weight, balance and passengers on an aircraft.
- Statistics

Notification to Captain

The notification to the captain (NOTOC) shows all dangerous goods and miscellaneous special loads which are loaded on an aircraft. This information is important for crew in order to take the correct procedure considerations in case of incidents.


Dispatch of necessary messages after departure of the aircraft.


- Safety always has first priority!
- Priority sequence of economy punctuality and passenger comfort depends on the situation.
- Correct application of load control rules has priority over other station work, including punctuality.

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Zenith’s Hangar Day Deemed a Success

Attendees at Zenith’s 23rd Annual Hangar Day provided a positive and enthusiastic response to the activities.

Mexico, MO – Hundreds of people showed up on Friday, September 19, for the pre-Hangar Day activities and hundreds more came on Saturday for demo flights, factory tours and encounters with Zenith Aircraft kit builders, factory personnel, and the curious. Sebastien Heintz, President of Zenith said: “By all accounts and measurements, the 23rd annual Hangar Day was an incredible winner. Most felt they had learned a great deal and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie.”

        On Friday there were a number of seminars construction demonstrations dealing with all aspects of building an aircraft. One of the most popular classes featured a panel discussion that included representatives of the various engines that can be mounted on a Zenith. The firewall forward section of all Zenith designs allow for a wide range of choices when it comes to powerplants. The light aircraft engine panel discussion included Continental Motors (Kim Winner), Corvair (William Wynne), Jabiru (Pete Krotje), Rotax (Rob Seaton), UL Power (Robert Helms), and Viking Honda conversions (Jan Eggenfellner). 

        Among the highlights of the two-day event was the arrival of EAA’s two Zenith aircraft. One was an EAA staff-built version of the CH 750 Cruzer and the second was the One Week Wonder CH 750 that was completed during AirVenture with assistance from over 2500 people.

Zenith Aircraft

        Zenith also held their first annual STOL aircraft competition. Seven pilots participated and the winner of the STOL competition was Jan Eggenfellner flying a Zenith STOL CH 750 powered by a Viking 110 engine, a popular Honda-based auto conversion. His take off measured 109 feet, and his precision landing measured 110 feet for a combined winning score of 219 feet.

        “We’ll do it all again next year,” said Heintz. “The popularity of this kind of event continues to grow since the emphasis always remains on having a good time.” For more information about Hangar Day and Zenith Aircraft designs, visit Zenithair.com.

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